Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Do you know how I know you're old?

Do you know how I know you're old?This is how old I'm getting. One of the highlights of my week is that a new Publix grocery store is opening near me. That's right. A grocery store. Highlight of my week.

It's replacing the Albertsons that closed over a year ago, but had been dying a slow death since a big Publix and Super WalMart moved into the area. For over a year, the closest, most convenient grocery store has been a Sweetbay (formerly Kash-N-Karry).

Until Albertsons closed, I think I'd been in the Kash-n-Karry/Sweetbay once in 7 years. That was enough. Now I've been in there maybe a dozen times in the past year and I still hate it. At least it was always pretty empty. I'd guess that Sweetbay will last about 18 more months. Fine with me. They're one of the few grocery chains around here that aren't one of our customers.

Update: Ugh. The new Publix is pretty crappy. I mean, it's still a Publix, but it feels just sort of thrown-together. They didn't rearrange much inside the old Albertson's store, so the layout is just weird compared to a scratch-built Publix. After visiting it, I can't help thinking that this tore isn't a long-term plan. It might be just a "put Sweetbay out of business" store and might not last much past that. I guess I'll be watching to see if they install a generator. They did at the Sickles location.

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