Saturday, January 05, 2008


J.D. from Get Rich Slowly is running a book giveaway post where he asked readers for their cheapskate stories. There are some real winners. Great comment-bait.

Christmas wrapping paper is an ongoing theme. A lot of reuse, but there are more creative ones. Sewing Christmas-themed fabric gift bags and reusing them every year. Using New York City subway maps as wrapping paper. (I'm gonna steal that idea).

One guy rents a UHaul truck every May, goes over to his local college dorms and collects all the furniture and everything else students are throwing away. He stores it in his garage then resells it to students in the fall. Last year he made $3,500.

I guess my own cheapskate story would be back when I first lived in an apartment. With 3 roommates, we quickly started to fight over shared expenses, particularly who was going to buy toilet paper. Soon everyone had their own private stash and just knew to bring it with them if they needed it. Well, one time, a friend of mine is over and heads off to the bathroom. I didn't think anything about it until about 10 minutes later when he comes out and throws a magazine at me. "You better be glad I had that with me. You're missing about 20 pages."

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