Saturday, September 06, 2008

Georgia Tech Football Free Streaming Audio

I tracked down a reasonable radio station (South 107) that streams Georgia Tech football games live. The stream even works on my Sprint Palm Centro so I can listen almost anywhere.

Update 11/1: Some links are still working, but nobody seems to be streaming Georgia Tech-Florida State today. Maybe it's a Georgia law that Georgia Tech can't be on the radio on the day of the Florida-Georgia game.


Some Georgia Tech apparel.

If that doesn't work, maybe Live 101.9 FM will.

WREK may carry the game live too, or you might get a 60 minute set of Chinese drums:


ipavemyownroad said...

When WREK doesn't broadcast a game, it's because ISP Sports sold the contract to someone else. We don't get a say in it.

They have sold streaming rights to someone else for all of the games. If ISP realizes that any other stations are still streaming the games, they will likely have them cut it off.

Unknown said...

That's too bad. It's the same with all the pro sports now. You can listen to the game for free over the air, but they want cold hard cash to listen online. Maybe in another year or two they'll give up on trying to get people to subscribe to audio broadcasts.

A brotha in Japan said...

I cant find a broadcast of any college games online anymore. Must i pay to listen to a college game now? Sad. should expect that such convienences are always for a price in america.

ipavemyownroad said...

The streaming URL has changed to:

Also, The GT Athletic Association sold the contract for the football and MBB games to another station with a smaller coverage area (without even consulting or advising us). We carry baseball, volleyball, and WBB.