Saturday, June 09, 2007

Five things I learned from my reunion.

Five things I learned at my 20-year high school reunion (Pinellas Park High School class of 1987):
  1. Multiple lives. Someone, I think Bob Hicks, said to me, "I don't know about you, but I've lived 3 lifetimes since high school." Amen. I think I've lived 4 or 5. It sure seemed like some people have only lived one.
  2. Worth going. I really didn't quite want to go. I skipped the ten year reunion for no good reason. It was definately worth going.
  3. People are interesting. There were a couple of people that I spent more time talking to at the reunion than I probably spent talking to in high school.
  4. Sports matter. Over the years I only really think about the guys I hung around with outside of school. But I forgot how much time I spent with my football team. If I really added it up, I probably spent as much time with other football players during high school as I did with my "real" friends. I was amazed how many stories I'd forgotten.
  5. Boys will be boys. Someone got too drunk, peed on the carpet in the hotel, and got chased off by the Clearwater Police Department. "Is this your usual weekend duty," I asked one officer. "Yep. Could be a lot worse."

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