Friday, September 29, 2006

GTD: Emptying Your Mind

It's pretty cool how really following Getting Things Done can empty your mind of "open loops". Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist and earlier today I thought of the fact that I don't have my new dental insurance card in my wallet. It was sitting in my home "inbox" which I haven't been very good about processing. So I simply added an alarmed reminder to my Treo to remind me tonight to deal with the new card. Hours later I'm at home and I remembered that I'd set an alarmed reminder, but I sat there and had no idea what I'd set the reminder for. I really couldn't even remember. So I looked up the reminder before it went off and was pretty surprised that I hadn't even thought about the insurance card since I'd put it in my Treo. In the past I would have remembered that several times throughout the day, but probably forgotten it when I got home. I probably would have remembered it while I was in bed about to fall asleep or in the shower in the morning, but then I'd forget again until I got almost to the dentist and had to come back for it. But since I'd captured the task in a reliable system, I could let it completely fall out of my mind and it still got done.

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