Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Review

Wow, the second half of 2009 has just flown by. I'm obviously not blogging here as much as I used to, partly due to migrating the more personal stuff to Facebook and short stuff to Twitter.

Here's a recap of my year, based on my tweets:
  • Bucs fire Gruden and Allen - Didn't like them, so I'm happy
  • Steelers win the Super Bowl - Yes!
  • N.Y. Times has a great visualization of tweets during the game
  • Florida State Fair had "chocolate covered" bacon - it sucked
  • Bill Reiss became the first Silverlight MVP
  • Bucs cut Brooks, Dunn, June, Galloway, Hilliard - I give up on Bucs
  • The St. Pete Times won a Pulitzer for The Girl in the Window
  • We joined a chess club over the summer
  • Cancer sucks
  • Our family spent a lot of time on our First Lego League team
  • I got to see my brother graduate from UF
  • Facebook "punked" Techcrunch with a fake "Fax this photo" feature
  • I'm still really impressed by Dropbox
In other news, we rejoined Disney's annual pass program this year. Their birthday program really hooked us. Still would rather be vacationing somewhere "real" but Disney World is still an amazingly well-run resort. It's getting old for us but it's still a decent vacation value.

Our peanut/legume/soy-allergic daughter has experimented with eating gluten-free with some good success. That really deserves a longer write-up than this. Maybe soon.

Work is about as good as can be, given the economy. We're certainly doing better than a lot of companies.

Finally, five-ish things from 2009 you really should read:

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