Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blink (the game)

I finally started playing Blink. It's a card game with pretty simple rules. I thought it sounded a lot like Set from the description, but the play is different. You have 3 cards in your hand and play on two stacks, matching one of three characteristics: shape, number, or color. It's billed as "The World's Fastest Game" and it really does go quick. Even with the kids, a game doesn't last more than 2 minutes unless we play a "let's take turns" variation. When I play now my biggest limitation is getting cards from my draw pile into my hand fast enough without dropping one.

The kids (8 and 4) are pretty good at the game. Since you can handicap the game by giving each player more or less cards to play through, you can keep it competitive and adapt the difficulty as people learn.

The game's about $5 and is in an end cap with the Uno decks and poker chips at every Target or Walmart I've been to. You can even get it in a special Bible Edition with different shapes on the cards. I tempted to get a Bible Edition and mix the cards in with a standard set for more difficulty and variety.

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Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and have 3 Blink games. The decks have gotten mixed together. Can anyone tell me which cards belong in one deck?