Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Workload Diversity

In the past few days at work, I've done the following:

* Troubleshot a EBCDIC codepage problem transferring IFS files on a i5 / iSeries / AS/400 machine.
* Built a circular log file tool on a HP (Tandem) Non-Stop Kernel machine.
* Recovered an old UltraSparc machine running Solaris 2.5 for use in some testing.
* Tested and fixed problems in our product on z/OS.
* Troubleshot a problem with our defect tracking web service, which I finally tracked down to a bad ethernet cable to the switch.
* Repaired the wiring for our magnetic lock / keycard door.

If I go back a few weeks, it gets even more diverse:

* Code and test a new release on AIX, Solaris, z/OS, and Windows. (Which also runs on i5, HP-UX, and Linux).
* Tested and supported a stripped-down version of our product on IBM 4690, a point-of-sale system that's sort of cross between CPM and OS/2.
* Troubleshot a problem using an undocumented Windows API on Windows Server 2003, including problems with access rights on domain users.
* Rewrote a major portion of our I/O routines for z/OS.
* Done basic system administration on AIX and Solaris.

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